Music NFT - Finally, Real Freedom For All Musicians and Artists In The World.

Music NFT - Isn't it fascinating that the music industry is revolutionizing every day? The trends that were unheard a few years ago are today making up the headlines.

By Syeda Dua Ali for | 28th March 2021


Music NFT’s introducing: MILFA7, The Pioneer.

Milfa7 Auteur Compositeur Producteur Musique Formation Musicale Paris France

If you are keeping up with the trends, then NFT is a well-known acronym to you. 

To begin with, let's first simplify what NFT and Music NFT stands for? Well, it's Non-Fungible Token and before we slide into the details, let's talk about the rising NFT composer : Youness EL Guermaï, AKA Milfa7, who has been a music composer for the past 25 years.

Yes! You heard it right!

When most of us lived in the stone age era of the music industry, Milfa7 was already living the future. He over the years has composed +100 hard worked instrumental music, and we must say all of them are worth grooving over!

The noticeable element in Milfa7's music is its uniqueness. His music is the fusion of catchy beats and a fantastic instrumental play that definitely raises the bar for other NFT musicians.

While we were on the hunt to find the undiscovered raw NFT musician, we found Milfa7, and truth to be told; it's one of the best discoveries we ever had. 

Milfa7's passion for music compels him to make masterpieces that hold a chaste touch of his identity, rare to find but a treat once discovered!

Among his amazing collection our top picks are:

And before you wonder how you can get access to his NFT music, here's everything you need to know about NFT...

What is NFT music?

As much as we were baffled to learn about this new acronym, "NFT," we knew it is here to stay. 

NFT took 2021 by a storm, and it caught fire when Grimes and Kings of Leon hop onto the bandwagon. 

But how did it all happen?

After a whole year of no concerts, live performances, and fan interaction, musicians found themselves in turmoil. Surprisingly, the music industry is primarily owned by publishers and streaming companies that owe only 13% profit to the musician while keeping the rest and "minting" from it throughout the years.

Off late, it was not the biggest concern for the musicians before the pandemic since they already had a lot on their table; however, things started to escalate downwards when there was no source of revenue for them in the past year.

And this is where NFT made its official appearance!

NFT is a "non-replaceable asset," which is why it's called a "non-fungible token," something unique and can't be exchanged with anything else.

To give you a better understanding, here's an example:

If you have the original painting of Mona Lisa, you can trade it off to someone but mind you, in exchange, you won't get the painting of Mona Lisa since it's exclusive and doesn't have any copy, which makes it "non-fungible."

NFT is a sister of blockchain currency, and it originates with Etherum, one kind of cryptocurrency that can store NFT.

I know it seems a lot to handle, but stay with me; we will reach the end quickly!

Milfa7 and His Close Friends Art, Video & Music NFT’s

The Music NFT is unique!

The NFT music is attributed as unique and raw, which is why it is referred to as "tokens" that are valuable and can't be pirated.

The musicians monetize their music by attaching these unique Token, which is later bought, sold, and traded. It does not just help the musicians mint some good revenue, but it also reduces the piracy element that ruins the scarcity and abundance of the music.

NFT allows the owners to keep the proof of authenticity while showcasing their art online.

Moreover, its implication is truly infinite... You can “NFT” anything you want!

Either it's your composition or art or any movie, you can use these tokens to ensure your work's authenticity, which can later be sold, bought, and traded.

Cool, right?

How NFT can revolutionize the music industry? 

NFT is the new beam of light in the music industry.

It might not be the best thing for publishers and streamers, but trust me, for the artist, it's the easiest way to "mint" some good cash.

Most artists associate themselves with labels and streamers so that masses can reach their music; however, with NFT now, the musician themselves can sell their art online, which will help them monetize and earn more than they do with the involvement of a "third party."

Moreover, young artists who can't network with the giant corporation with NFT can also sell their work online to assure privacy and originality.

People can replicate the art and distribute it, but it will always hold less value since the original one will be available online.

Your NFT music will never be pirated, edited, deleted, or manipulated, which is why most artists are fleeing towards it.

The Music NFT is really profitable for all artists!

The music industry will revolutionize in the coming years since the artist will have more independence with NFT music, and they will be able to express their art in a more raw form.

The musicians monetize their music by attaching these unique Token, which is later bought, sold, and traded. It does not just help the musicians mint some good revenue, but it also reduces the piracy element that ruins the scarcity and abundance of the music.

Moreover, new artists will rise from the ashes since they can independently trade their art instead of relying on labels which can be expensive if you are new to business.

In any way, the masses will hear some fresh, raw, and original tunes that will surely open the door of opportunities for many nft artists and musicians. 

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